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Lago Vista ISD
Human Resources

Supplemental Employee Benefits & Programs

Lago Vista ISD is pleased to provide all eligible employees with a competitive benefits package that includes both District-paid and voluntary products. We have worked closely with First Financial Group of America (FFGA) to provide you with a variety of benefits and resources to help you reach your healthcare and retirement needs. Details of all available benefits can be found on the website below. Be sure to visit the website and read the product descriptions carefully so that you are well prepared before enrollment begins.

Lago Vista ISD Supplemental Coverage and Benefits Site

Dental Coverage

Ameritas is the dental provider for Lago Vista ISD. Adult and child orthodontia coverage is available. You may select the dentist of your choice, however, the savings are greater by utilizing an in-network provider. There are two plans available so that you may choose the one that best meets your needs.

Ameritas Dental
Phone: 1-800-487-5553
Ameritas Dental Provider Search


Vision Coverage

Lago Vista ISD offers their employees two different plans with Eyetopia Vision Care that allow you to see a network eye care professional with low co-pays. You may choose the plan that best meets your needs and those of your family. Benefits for exams and materials are available every 12 months.

Eyetopia Vision Care
Phone: 1-830-964-6444


Eyetopia Provider Search


Disability Income Insurance

Disability income insurance is designed to protect your ability to earn an income. This plan through American Fidelity will provide you with income should you become disabled as a result of a covered injury, sickness, or pregnancy. You are able to choose the benefit amount which is the amount of your income to replace, and the waiting period that you begin receiving payments.

Accident Insurance

Accident insurance through American Fidelity helps to cover the expenses for emergency room costs, follow-up treatments, medical imaging, hospital confinement, and many other expenses associated with accidental injuries. This plan can help with medical expenses and living costs when you are injured unexpectedly.

Cancer Insurance

Cancer insurance is designed to be supplemental insurance that pays for many of the costs not covered by your major medical. This plan through American Fidelity pays in addition to other coverage you may have.

Critical Illness Insurance

A critical illness plan through AFLAC can help with the treatment costs of covered illnesses. Benefits are paid directly to you, unless otherwise assigned, giving you the choice of how to spend the money. Plus, there are plans available to provide coverage for you, your spouse and dependent children.

Permanent Life Insurance

Employees have the opportunity to purchase individual permanent life insurance through Texas Life.  Texas Life provides life insurance that you can keep for a lifetime. The plan is easy to purchase, pay for, and keep through the convenience of payroll deduction. Coverage is affordable and dependable.  You own the policy, even if you change jobs or retire.  The policy remains in force until you die or up to age 121, as long as you pay the necessary premium on time.  Coverage can be purchased for dependents, including spouses, children, and grandchildren. 

Group Life Insurance

Lago Vista ISD offers their employees Group Life Insurance through Blue Cross & Blue Shield. This term life coverage can be purchased in addition to the basic life plan provided by Lago Vista ISD. It will cover you for a specific period of time while you are employed.

Medical Transport Protection

With medical transport protection, you will have zero out-of-pocket expenses for any emergent air or ground transport from anywhere in the United States, regardless of who transports you. You will receive medical emergency transportation solutions to help cover your out-of-pocket medical transport costs when your insurance falls short.

403(b) Retirement Plan

Lago Vista ISD offers retirement programs to its employees through the use of 403(b) tax deferred annuities. These plans allow employees to save designated amounts out of their paychecks before tax and place them into a variety of mutual funds, variable annuities and fixed annuities. Any earnings grow tax deferred until withdrawn and are intended to supplement your TRS Retirement Plan.

FFInvest 457(b) Plan

Saving now can help you have the income you’ll need at retirement. Participating in the plan is easy. You contribute a portion of your pay to your plan account each payday through convenient payroll deduction. Contributions are then allocated to the plan’s investment options you select.  There are significant tax advantages, too. For example, if you elect pre-tax deductions, your qualifying contributions and all earnings on your account are not subject to current federal income tax (or, where applicable, state or local taxes) until you take them out of the Plan. This tax deferral gives your retirement savings ability to grow under the most favorable terms possible. The District’s retirement plan also offers Roth (after-tax) deductions.

Health FSA

A Flexible Spending Account (Health FSA) is an IRS-approved program to help you save taxes and reimburse yourself for out-of-pocket medical expenses not covered under your medical plan.  Contributions are automatically deducted from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis, which helps reduce your taxable income and increase your spendable income.

Dependent Care FSA

With a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account, you can set aside part of your pay on a pre-tax basis to pay for eligible dependent care expenses like child care, babysitters and adult day care. Eligible dependents must be claimed as an exemption on your tax return.


With the Telehealth program, you can get a diagnosis quicker and spend less time in the waiting room.  Board Certified physicians will diagnose your illness, recommend treatment and prescribe medication via telephone or video. You can contact them from anywhere – home, work, school, even while on vacation. They are able to treat common health issues like acid reflux, allergies, asthma, cold and flu, sinus infections, rashes, sore throat and more.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

If you or a family member find yourself in the hospital due to a sudden accident or illness, you may struggle financially, even if you have a good medical plan. With a hospital indemnity plan through AFLAC, you can rest assured those extra expenses won’t be a financial burden.  Unlike medical plans, there are no deductibles to meet with a hospital indemnity plan. As soon as you incur a qualified event, you can file a claim and start receiving benefits.  The plan pays a lump sum benefit in a previously specified amount. The money can be used for medical costs, insurance deductibles, groceries, transportation, or childcare.

Clever RX

Clever RX helps you save money by using a prescription drug savings card. They partner with the healthcare community to bring state-of-the-art, money-savings tools to participants. It helps you save up to 80% off prescriptions drugs and often beats the average copay. Plus, it’s completely free.



Benefits Administration Information


First Financial Group of America
Supplemental Coverage & Retirement Benefits
2009 RR 620N, Suite 123
Austin, TX 78634
Phone: 1-800-672-9666
Fax: 512-707-9711

First Financial Group Retirement Savings Information



Please contact Lacolla Harper at (512) 267-8300 x1505 for more information or Dr. Suzy Lofton-Bullis at (512) 267-8300 x1503.

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