Keep Track of Grades
By acquiring a txConnect account, you will be able to view your child(ren)'s grades and attendance. Parents of Lago Vista ISD students in grades 2-12 can use txConnect to access student grades, while all Lago Vista parents (kindergarten - grade 12) can use txConnect to check and keep up with their attendance.

The recommended browser for txConnect is Internet Explorer 6.0 or later. txConnect will also work with Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or later for Windows XP or Windows 2000. Mac OS X users should use Firefox. Please check your browser settings to ensure that your browser is set up to accommodate the txConnect requirements.
Food Service-Aramark
Paying for Meals Online

LVISD is now using mySchoolBucks, an online payment service to manage your student's meal account. You can securely fund your student's account via credit card, debit card or your checking account. You will be able to review purchases, see current balance, and receive low balance alerts. The account options are flexible - make a one payment, set up recurring payment, or set a payment schedule when the account reaches a specified amount. 

First, create an account on mySchoolBucks and add your students. If you have multiple children, you can make multiple deposits for each child during your transaction. Next, make a payment. The deposit amount can be placed against a credit card, debit card or your checking account. All payments are securely processed using our highly secure website and encryption. All payments are quickly credited to your students account.

If you have any questions or problems, you may contact Maria Manzo, Director of Food Services at 267-8300 x3508

If you have any questions or problems, you may contact Maria Manzo, Director of Food Services at 267-8300 x3508.

Athletic Schedules
Athletic schedules can be found on campus web sites. Go to the High School or Middle School for more information.
Click here to learn more about Lago Vista ISD’s confidential school safety reporting program, StayALERT.
Band Instruments
Check out what is going on with the award-winning Viking Band.
District Calendar and Campus Calendars
Check out the Online Calendar to find out what's going on in Lago Vista ISD. Be sure to look at each campus calendar as well for activities specific to Elementary, Middle, or High School

2014-2015 Academic Calendar 
New Student Registration
Students new to Lago Vista ISD should register at the appropriate campus.

See the Registration & Immunization page for important information.
School Bus
GoldStarTransportation now handles LVISD transportation needs. For questions, please contact Jay Powell - 267-8300 x1508.


School Supply Lists for 2014-2015
It's never too early to grab supplies. Choose the appropriate file below to download and print (pdf).


Middle School
2014-2015 Forms & Publications (pdf files)
Emergency Closures/Bad Weather
Announcements of school closings on bad weather days will be made to all area media (TV and radio) and posted on the district web site. Days missed due to closing will be made up at a later point in the year according to district calendar.

In addition, you will be asked to fill out an information sheet on how your child should go home in case of an emergency dismissal during the school day. Please notify the school of any changes in how you want your child to go home or any change in emergency contact information as soon as possible.

Lago Vista ISD recently acquired the ParentLink communication solution to assist in these efforts. In addition to the standard radio and TV notification systems already in use, ParentLink enables the district to call the families of all students in less than 5 minutes, if needed.

It is important that phone numbers are kept up-to-date in the school's database so that these calls can accurately reach parents. If there is a change to your phone number, please contact the front office and report these changes as soon as they are known.

 Road closures can be heard by calling Travis County Road Closure Hotline at 512-854-4500.