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Lago Vista ISD
District Administrative Staff

District Administration

Name & Email Position Phone
Darren Webb Superintendent
512-267-8300 (x1500)
Dr. Suzy Lofton-Bullis Deputy Superintendent 512-267-8300 (x1500)
Melissa Lafferty Chief Financial Officer 512-267-8300 (x1500)
Randy Mathisen Director of Instructional Technology 512-267-8300 (x1515)
Mark Beall
Director of Maintenance
512-267-8300 (x1506)
Stacey Widdecombe Director of School Nutrition Services
512-267-8300 (x1516) 
Kevin Lovell Director of Facilities
512-267-8300 (x1517)
Krystal Colhoff Director of Special Education/504 512-267-8300 (x8500)
Paul Hunt Director of Technology 512-267-8300 (x1510)
Jay Powell Director of Transportation 512-267-8300 (x1508)
Craten Phillips Athletic Director/Head Football Coach 512-267-8300 (x5505)
Jason Stoner Accounts Payable 512-267-8300 (x1504)
Joy Smith Payroll/PIEMS Coordinator 512-267-8300 (x1505)
Holly Jackson Communications Coordinator/
Assistant to the Superintendent
512-267-8300 (x1500)

Campus Administration

Lago Vista Elementary School
Grades PK-3

Name & Email Position Phone
Michelle Jackson Principal 512-267-8300 (x4500)
Eric Holt Assistant Principal 512-267-8300 (x4500)
Amy Sexton Counselor 512-267-8300 (x4504)
Veronica Fidencio Registrar 512-267-8300 (x4503)
Kimberly Latham Whitehead Nurse - LVN 512-267-8300 (x4505)
Christine Harris Campus Secretary 512-267-8300 (x4500)

Lago Vista Intermediate School
Grades 4-5

Name & Email Position Phone
Stacie Davis Principal 512-267-8300 (x3500)
Cindy Slaughter                    Counselor 512-267-8300 (x3500)
Gina Carmichael Nurse                      512-267-8300 (x3505)
Kristina Bell Campus Secretary    512-267-8300 (x3500)

Lago Vista Middle School
Grades 6-8

Name & Email Position Phone
Davin Vogler Principal 512-267-8300 (x2500)
Jayme Spexarth Assistant Principal  512-267-8300 (x2500)
Misty La Rosa                       Counselor 512-267-8300 (x2504)
Monica Kaiser Registrar 512-267-8300 (x2503)
Gina Carmichael Nurse 512-267-8300 (x3505)
Sue Kunze Campus Secretary   512-267-8300 (x2500)

Lago Vista High School 
Grades 9-12

Name & Email Position Phone
Heather Stoner Principal 512-267-8300 (x5500)
Justin Walker                        Assistant Principal 512-267-8300 (x5500)
Sherri Sneed Counselor 512-267-8300 (x5504)
Tyra Becker Registrar 512-267-8300 (x5503)
Jennifer Chiappone Nurse - LVN 512-267-8300 (x5505)
Heather Sutton Campus Secretary   512-267-8300 (x5500)

Board of Trustees

 Place 1  Laura Vincent  Secretary
 Place 2  Jerrell Roque  Trustee
 Place 3  Scott Berentsen  President
 Place 4  Tom Rugel  Trustee
 Place 5  Sharon Abbott  Vice President
 Place 6  David Scott  Trustee
 Place 7  Stacy Eleuterius  Trustee
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